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Peter Kerwood: Tech round-up 22nd May

22nd May 2012

Track the Olympic torch live on this interactive map
The Olympic torch arrived on British soil last week. You can track the torch relay route live on this interactive map http://www.london2012.com/torch-relay/route
This new social network could become the world’s home page

One to watch!
The Backplane [www.thebackplane.com] is a new social media platform designed to unite communities. It is being created by Troy Carter the man behind Lady Gaga. Gaga probably has the biggest digital footprint of anyone in the world so this man knows a thing or two about social technology. If the backplane succeeds it would become the world’s home page http://thebackplane.com/about

Donner Summer, a digital tribute
Disco legend Donner Summer passed away on Thursday. As usual the news broke first on Twitter. I came across this digital tribute to the five-time Grammy winner http://mashable.com/2012/05/17/donna-summer-dead

The Facebook IPO
It’s been a monumental week for Facebook founder Mark Zuckerburg. He successfully floated his company on the US stock exchange, became one of the wealthiest people in the world and married his college girlfriend.  He also bought the social gifting service Kama for an undisclosed sum which could provide the first baby steps towards Facebook becoming an online bank – http://www.forbes.com/sites/erikamorphy/2012/05/20/where-karma-could-take-facebook

Social gifting is the new Groupon
The social gifting service provided by Karma http://getkarma.com represents what is reportedly the next big development in mobile finance and e-commerce. It adds ‘social’ to the e-gift card model and replaces the Groupon model which is probably why the team behind Groupon have just launched Dropost http://www.dropost.it. The original social gifting services is https://wrapp.com which plugs directly into Facebook and is a personal favourite.

NationalField is Facebook for business
NationalField https://nationalfield.com is a new kind of private social network designed for business. It gives organizations the ability to put all employees into one private, secure social network, where they can share what they’re working on, post comments, pictures, status updates and replies. I’m looking to use it for my business. 

Eventbrite could be one of the next big tech IPO’s
I use Eventbrite http://www.eventbrite.com for many of my own events.  The founder and CEO Kevin Hartz says the company will potentially file for IPO in late 2012. Eventbrite recently sold its 50 millionth ticket and it earned $50 million in a funding round last May.

Have access to your stuff wherever you are with Dropbox
I’m a massive fan of Dropbox http://dropbox.com. This is a cloud-based file-synchronization service for PC, smartphone and tablets. The companies premise is that you can always have your stuff, wherever you are. I use it to store all my important files, videos and photos. Apple recently tried to buy them and it is rumored to be considering an IPO in 2012.

Evernote helps you remember everything
Evernote http://evernote.com is one of my favourite web based apps. I use it for everything. It allows me to record audio, saved photos, documents and notes. The company has just has just acquired the handwriting iPad app Penultimate http://itunes.apple.com/app/penultimate/id354098826?mt=8 the fourth best selling iPad app in iTunes. I’ve just given Penultimate a test drive and it’s amazing.

The social radio
This social radio http://thesocialradio.com is great fun! Your tweets are broadcast as audio with your choice of music from your iTunes account. The team behind this service created a special channel for SXSW in Austin earlier this year http://blog.thesocialradio.com/listen-to-sxsw-with-the-social-radio. I’m desperate to use this at an event as an alternative to a Twitter wall!

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