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Peter Kerwood: Tech Round-Up

28th March 2012

My social media news round-up: 23 April 2012

Welcome, ladies and gentleman, to events-guru.co.uk

As this is my first blog I thought I'd explain a little about what I’ll be posting. Each week, I’ll be bringing you a round-up of the biggest social media news. But that’s not all! I’ll also be letting you know exactly what I think of the latest movings and shakings in the social media world and what it means for the events industry. I'll also be sharing my thoughts on how you can best utilise the power of this impressive resource.

In a nutshell, I will be curating news from a range of resources, including tech blogs, e-newsletters and publications such as Mashable.com, Campaign Magazine, Marketing and Marketing Week.  

I hope this digest proves to be a useful tool in harnessing the power of social technology.

The new LinkedIn

LinkedIn's biggest competitor Is a two-year-old Facebook application called BranchOut that has just hit 25 million users. This is one to watch.

Facebook voting stations

Facebook voting stations enables Helsinki residents to have their say on new gallery. I think we are going to see more of this style of voting at events and especially exhibitions. UK-based www.blondefish.com can help with this technology.

Instagram: From zero to $1bn dollars in 17 months

The smart phone app Instagram has been snapped up by Facebook in a billion dollar deal. This infographic shows you a timeline for the last 17 months. Keep an eye on how Instagram will be making its way into events during the coming months, such as the brilliant Instaprint.

Six ways social media can bring your event to life

Mashable.com is a great source of inspiration but this post I came across was especially interesting. I really like the live drawing idea. I’ve been working on something similar at Altitude over the last few months.

An ingenious way to bring Twitter to life!

I can’t wait for an excuse to use this brilliant idea from Skype who employed a branded towncrier to shout out tweets.

Putting the 'social' back into social media

Content marketing expert www.copyblogger.com posted this great article this week offering 40 ways to build a loyal audience.

Social ping-pong!

Ping-pong + clubbing + art & design = Pongathon ping pong parties I had to include this in my first post on event-guru. I tried this amazing new event concept myself this week and loved it. It’s the perfect off-line networking event.  

How social media will change the 2012 Olympic Games

I’ve just seen this brilliant post about why the 2012 Olympic Games are being called the world’s 'first social Games'.

Five ways to market your brand with location-based networks

I would love to see geo-location mobile applications such as Foursquare used more in the events industry. This article lists several ways to market brands that would work just as well for events such as Geofencing at exhibitions. The list includes my current favourite www.getglue.com.

And finally...Jaffa Cakes lift elevates McVitie’s to new marketing heights

I loved this experiential idea for McVities who stuck 1325 jaffa cakes to the inside of a London elevator to create the world's first event lickable lift.

Peter Kerwood is the Marketing Director at Altitude 360 and a social media and technology expert in the events industry

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