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Heidi Williams: Using technology to create stunning visual effects

9th May 2012

Technology, the saying goes, is an enabler.  A facilitator. 

Often it does its job most effectively when invisible or at least when used elegantly enough that it’s difficult to understand exactly what it is that it’s doing other than to understand that it’s very useful and very powerful – google is perhaps an obvious example of this.

Sometimes though, whilst the technology may on the one hand be a means to an end - a tool that creates something stunning and impressive with the end goal being engagement and stimulation of an audience – the magic of the technology itself, the “how are they doing that” wonder and awe of the audience is the real talking point, the real engagement that keeps people talking long after the event itself.

For a clever example of how technology can be used to not only impress and engage with an audience, but keep them talking about what they have seen, check out this video:

Are you using technology in innovative ways?

At Events Guru we’re always on the look out for examples of technology being used in innovative ways to attract, engage, amuse and entertain.  If you are a production company that has used technology in an innovative way, or if you are a supplier that has provided a particularly impressive installation, system, solution or platform then drop us a line, we’d love to hear from you.  Use the comments field below to add your comments or email press@events-guru.co.uk


Great article Heidi. Evenium have developed a new, innovative mobile application which helps to engage and involve every participant in the event. Check it out: http://evenium.net/ng/person/public/interact-live-on-your-event.jsf;jses...
Would love to hear what you think of it!

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